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Dr. Abdul Razak Honnutagi

- Engineer Your Way to Success!

My Dear Students,

A growing appreciation of individual preferences and aptitudes has led towards more “personalized learning,” in which instruction is tailored to a students individual needs. Given the diversity of individual preferences, and the complexity of each human brain, developing teaching methods that optimize learning will require engineering solutions of the future.At Anjuman-I-Islams Abdul Razzak Kalsekar Polytechnic, we are committed to propel your career and equip you with all the values, skills, attitude and knowledge to make you technically competent and morally confident to face the highly competitive world joyfully.

This Polytechnic has built an excellent reputation among students, parents, faculty, staff and all its stakeholders. Since this Polytechnic has become a preferred destination for large number of aspiring students and hence our mission is to make them Exuberant Technical Professionals. We honestly strive for assuring quality in all that we do so that AIARKP, delights all our stakeholders.

Welcome to be an integral part of Innovative Teaching, Exuberant Learning!

“Knowing Is Not Enough, We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough, We Must Do.”


Anjuman-I-Islam’s A. R. Kalsekar Polytechnic (AIARKP), established in 2002 is managed by the prestigious Anjuman-I-Islam Trust.

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Vision: To be the most sought after Polytechnic that others would wish to emulate.

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