Mrs. Deepti Mandlik

Exam Coordinator First Shift

Mobile Number: 99209 08812

Mr. M. Aslam Patel

Exam Coordinator Second Shift

Mobile Number: 9869152773

Ms. Qazi Sabina Yunus

Sr. Clerk


  • The examinee is expected to be present at the examination center 10 minutes before the commencement of examination.
  • No examinee shall be admitted to the examination hall after 30 minutes of commencement of the examination.
  • The examinee shall have the proper hall ticket and the valid institutional identity card for producing when demanded, without which he/she shall not be eligible to appear for the examination.
  • Examinees are not permitted to leave examination hall in the initial 30 minutes and the last 10 minutes of the examination duration for the paper.
  • A commencement warming bell will be sounded 10 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  • Exam commencement bell following the warning bell at examination commencement time announces the commencement of the examination.
  • An exam conclusion warming bell will be sounded10 minutes before the conclusion of the examination. Examinee shall tie the supplements and enclosures to the main answer book immediately after the warning concluding bell and be ready to hand over it to the invigilator at the ringing of the exam conclusion bell announcing the end of the examination.
  • The examinee shall check the answer book issued to him for loose sheets or improper printing and number of pages and if any discrepancy is noticed the same shall be change before commencing to write the answers.
  • The examinee shall enter the requisite information of the face sheet of the answer book properly before commencing to write the answers.
  • Start each answer on a fresh page and write question number at the beginning of each answer. Do not write anything in the margin of answer book.
  • Use only blue or black colour ink or ball point pen to write answers. If there is change in ink colour, it shall be attested by the supervisor/invigilator.
  • Do not leave blank pages between the answers. If a page a left blank inadvertently, write “Please Turn Over (PTO) to avoid the answers written beyond a blank page left being unassessed
  • The examinee shall use a separate answer book for each section, where there are sections in question paper.
  • Examinee has to ensure before submitting the answer book to invigilator at end of the examination that the supplements and enclosures if any are securely tied to the main answer book, the count of enclosures is properly entered in the stipulated boxes on the main answer book, correct seat number is written on the main answer book, supplements and enclosures.
  • If the examinee wishes to cancel the performance of the current examination after writing the answers in the answer book, the same can be done by scratching all the written answers an writhing the remark ” I have scratched all my answers and wish that the answers in this answer book should not be assessed” at end of the cancelled answers. The supervision of the block has to attest the answer sheet by putting the remark “the scratching of answers and the examinee’s remark are seen by me.” Incase this instruction is not adhered to, then the scratched answer shall be assessed at the regional assessment center.
  • The examinee shall behave properly before, during, or after the examination to maintain the conducive atmosphere at the examination center.
  • Do not write thing that discloses the identity of examinee, request to examiner or write any objectionable matter anywhere inside the answer book. If any answer requires name or signature ‘ use “XYZ’ ” ABC'” PQR’ ” etc.
  • Do not tear off any page from the answer book. Such an act amounts to malpractice and warrants punishment.
  • Exchange of answer books supplements, calculator and drawing instrument etc. during the examination among the examinees is treated as malpractices.
  • Possession of any arms, weapon, etc. by the examinees in the examination center is strictly prohibited.
  • The examinee is prohibited from possession any blank paper, notes, scribbles, chits, books, mobile phone, paper, programmable calculator, electronic communication devices etc. in the examination hall. The violation of this instruction shall be liable for punishment under malpractice.
  • The examinee is prohibited from taking away the answer book/s issued to him/her during the examination. Violation of this instruction amounts to malpractice.
  • If before, during or after the examination, it is found that an examinee is or has been guilty of misbehavior or misconduct including breach of any of the rules laid down for the proper conduct of examination or has been found to have copied or attempted to copy or used means and is reported by invigilator, supervisor, Officer-in-charge, Controller of examinations, examiner, he/she shall be liable for punishment as per the provision of RG 10 of MSBTE examination regulations.
  • In such cases as in instruction 23 the examinee will have to give a statement duly signed by him/her. If he/she refuses to give statement in writing, action will be taken without any reference to him/her.
  • Examinee shall not write anything on the question paper of the examination except for his/her seat number. Take note that such writings amount to mal practice and is liable for punishment.


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