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(Late) Haji Abdul Razzak E. Kalsekar


Philanthropist & Pillar of Strength for Anjuman-I-Islams Abdul Razzak Kalsekar Polytechnic, New Panvel

Haji Abdul Razzak Esmail Kalsekar, fondly remembered as Haji Saheb was a true idealistic visionary. His clarion call to society “Quality Education is Mandatory for All” truly reflects his purity of thoughts.

His dedicated efforts to empower and enrich the society was based on the strong belief that Education is the pillar of any healthy society and only through Education can we eliminate the evils of poverty and disparity and build an equitable society.

He was a man who did not believe in just giving charity to needy, instead he empowered them grow hands through EDUCATION that they can earn with dignity and serve the society.

This is what desires to see in the campus.

“You carried us in your arms, cradled us in your heart. You are now with the Protector, You will always remain in our Prayers.”


Anjuman-I-Islam’s A. R. Kalsekar Polytechnic (AIARKP), established in 2002 is managed by the prestigious Anjuman-I-Islam Trust.

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Vision: To be the most sought after Polytechnic that others would wish to emulate.

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