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Humanities & Science subjects are the foundation subjects for all the branches of engineering and technology, the vision is to enhance & empower the scientific temperament of the students through the knowledge of core courses of the Humanities & science. The department aims to provide the sound knowledge (both theoretical and practical) on the basis of the basic courses of the Applied Sciences & Humanities which lay the foundation of different branches of engineering and technology. The department offers excellent academic environment with a team of highly qualified faculty members to cater the needs of the students and to inspire them to develop their technical skills.


To be the most sought after Humanities and Sciences section of AIARKP that others would wish to emulate.


Creating Exuberant Engineering Professionals.

From HOD's Desk

Mr. Zeeshan Khan

Welcome to Department of Humanities & Sciences. Humanities & Sciences is the biggest department in the college as it includes Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics & English. We have highly qualified and well experienced staff.

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From HOD's Desk

Our goal is to provide an encouraging environment to create the intellectual capacity, creativity, and problem solving capability of first year students which enables them to develop sound foundation to prepare them for higher education. We also strive to provide a conductive environment for the students to develop analytical and practical skills and apply them to real world problems.

We have well equipped laboratories like Physics, Chemistry, Two Workshop Labs, Language lab. We are focused to make the foundation of the students as strong as possible. We promote a conductive environment for scholarly and creative activities so that solutions to the all problems are discovered. We provide fundamental science education to all students to prepare them to take the responsibility of higher education.

HOD's Desk

Humanities & Science Subjects

English :

The department of English gives special focus on communication skills. The department has developed a separate material production center for producing learner oriented language learning packages for students of various levels of language efficiency. To this end, the department is ably assisted by external experts in the field of Communication Skills and Material Production. From the first year of the course, the learners are given communication courses with increasing levels of difficulty so that they can face the challenges of placement at the end of the III year itself.

Mathematics :

The department of Mathematics focuses on the remedial courses on the rudiments of Mathematical principles for those who suffer from lack of Mathematical aptitude. It has been a very successful story of AI ARKP that the students overcome their initial hiccups in learning engineering mathematics, thanks to these remedial measures.

Physics & Chemistry :

The departments of Physics and Chemistry have the popularity of leading the learners from mere theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of these basic disciplines so that the learners internalize these principles necessary for their future engineering studies.

Mission Elements

    • To develop technical and communication skills.
    • To inculcate ethical values and promote sense of social responsibility through innovative learning processes in Engineering sciences and humanities.
    • To provide students’ training on soft skills and behavioural aspects in order to develop their overall personality and social consciousness.
    • To provide value based education and mould the character of young students through science and technology.
    • To develop scientific temper among students, and encourage them for out of box thinking.
    • To encourage rationale and humanly behaviour.
  • About Humanities & Science Department

    The Dept. is having well-equipped laboratories of the concerned subjects including Language Lab where communication skills being taught to enhance the overall development of the students of all Semesters. Interdisciplinary in orientation, the Department currently offers courses in several subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


    Program Educational Outcomes (PEOs)

    • PEO – 1. To become competent civil Engineer suitable for Industry.
    • PEO – 2. To apply the mathematical and analytical abilities gained through core courses of Civil Engineering.
    • PEO – 3. To motivate and encourage the students for higher studies.
    • PEO – 4. To exhibit professionalism, ethical attitude, communication skills, teamwork in their profession.

    Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)

    • PSO – 1. Survey, Planning, designing, estimation, execution and maintenance of civil engineering structures.
    • PSO – 2. Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of Construction management, business practices and understand their limitations.


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    Vision: To be the most sought after Polytechnic that others would wish to emulate.

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