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Mr. Ramjan Ahmed Khatik

- Success Is Not An Option But An Expectation!

Dear Students,

It is great pleasure to welcome each one of you to Aniuman-I-Islams Abdul Razzak Kalsekar Polytechnic. This institute belongs to you. This NBA Accredited institute dedicated towards students-centric programs that promote academic excellence through an enriched, rigorous, inter-disciplinary curriculum should be your right choice. We set SMART goals for you and work smarter and thereby taking our institute and students achievements to the next level of excellence. All of us are here to support you to ensure that you unleash your fullest academic potential. We look forward to work with you to provide a high-quality technical education that you deserve.

I am confident that all of you develop the right attitude and the capability to reach new horizons. We want our students to become critical thinkers, active problem solvers and inquisitive readers. We therefore focus on preparing you for the demands of the real-world so that you become highly productive, attain leadership qualities and contribute to the nation building.

A hearty welcome once again and wish you a happy learning experience!

“The Future belongs to the Competent. Get Good, Get Better, Be the Best!”


Anjuman-I-Islam’s A. R. Kalsekar Polytechnic (AIARKP), established in 2002 is managed by the prestigious Anjuman-I-Islam Trust.

@ 2020 ARKP. All right reserved.


Vision: To be the most sought after Polytechnic that others would wish to emulate.

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