MAHADBT Scholarship

State Govt. Scholarship of Rs.25,000/- facilitated by D.T.E for Minority students (Muslim, Buddhist, Jain, Christians, Parsi and Sikh students).

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Many students have benefitted from the D.T.E Scholarships

The Social Justice Scholarship (free ship) from the state govt. of Maharashtra, Social Welfare Office for students belonging to S.C, O.B.C, & V.J.N.T.

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AIARKP endeavors to assist the economically weaker students with the aid of our parent organization, The Anjuman-I-Ismal, Mumbai and also enlists the help of other N.G.O.’s..

How To Fill FRESH MahaDBT Scholarship Form 2020-21

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MAHADBT Scholarship Data

EURO Charity Scholarship for Academic Year 2020-21 

Documents Required

  1. Application From.
  2. Income Certificate / Self Declaration.
  3. Account Detail of Student/ Parent.


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