Women's Redressal Committee

Women's Redressal Committee Composition

The grievance Redressal cell of the institute having provision of teaching staff has its members and Director as the Chairman. The cell is having the provision of being reconstituted every year if situation arises for so by the Director himself along with suggestions sought from the in charge administrative body. Care is taken to select staff members from each stream.


Women's Redressal Committee Members

Duties of Committee

  • In case of inhumane activities in any of the premises of the Institute, active assistance shall be provided to the complainant by the Institute to pursue the complaint and the safety of the complainant shall also be ensured.

  • The Institute shall provide all the necessary assistance for the purpose of ensuring full, effective and speedy implementation of these directions.

A student found guilty performing inhumane activities shall be liable to receive the following penalties

Minor Penalties :

  • Warning

  • Written Apology

  • Bond of good behavior

  • Debarring entry into a campus.

  • Suspension for a specified period of time

  • Withholding results.

Major Penalties :

  • Debarring from examinations for a specified period of time

  • Expulsion from Institute.



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